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Monday, December 26, 2016

My Vacation

My vacation was great, and I will never forget it. The cruise ship was huge and I wasn't even able to do everything on the boat that I wanted to do. We were out at sea for the first 2 days but had to stop at Cozumel, Mexico, because someone got hurt but then sailed to Jamaica to get off and go on an excursion.
We went on a catamaran, which is a boat and went snorkeling which was one of my favorite parts about the trip. Later we had to get back on the boat at a certain time or we would be left. The next day we stopped at the Cayman, Islands, for another excursion which was to go see and touch stingrays, which was really weird. After that day we stopped at Cozumel for another excursion and it was the Amazing Cozumel Race and we got 5th out of 13 teams. We were out at sea the last day of our trip and we did everything we could and said goodbye to everyone at Circle C which was the teen center for 12-14 year old kids and made some pretty good friends but they were very shocked when we tolled them that we lived in Alaska. On the boat was mini golf, a basketball court, a sky course, 3 different kid centers, a bunch if restaurants and buffets. The boat fit 3,500 people and 1,500 crew members. One of my favorite parts was being on a game show which was really fun and my team won connect four basketball and I made the winning shot.